Tips for a mini mom makeover

By Tristan Coop
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Oh the days when you could take all the time you wanted to groom, coif, and primp. Now instead of weekly visits to the mall searching for the perfect trendy look, you are spending your time blowing runny noses, changing diapers, and applying Band-Aids to boo-boos. It's no surprise that your primping routine has fallen to the sidelines.

Well, it's time for a style intervention. With these makeover tips and tricks, you can go from drab mom to fab mom.

Eliminate drab

To begin your mommy makeover, rid your closet of anything that screams lazy or disheveled and above all else, pitch those mom jeans. Further, do not buy anything that doesn't fit you perfectly and doesn't make you feel fabulous, including lingerie and loungewear. Take your time to stock your closet only with items that fall into the fab category.

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Skip the hoodies

Leave the hoodies for the college kids and the gym rats. Instead opt for cozy cardis and multi-wear wraps. Consider cashmere or cotton blend, and stock your closet with a variety of neutrals and a few bright colors too. Experiment with layering, belts and flower pins to glam up any ensemble.

Make a statement

Daily, adorn your go-to mom uniform (typically jeans and t-shirt) with a key statement accessory. This could be a funky scarf, to-die-for bag or adorable hat that is also secretly concealing your should-have-washed-it-three-days-ago hair. The best way to keep your accessories closet current is to update it seasonally. And remember, it doesn't have to be expensive to look expensive!

Invest in a pair of killer sunglasses

Choose a pair that are versatile in color, are perfectly fitted to your face shape and that you absolutely love. They will not only make you feel like a mom-star, they'll camouflage sleepless nights with style. It's an instant makeover!

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Shine in gold

Hoops and bangles that is. These two indestructible, totally versatile jewelry accessories look great on everyone, make you feel younger and brighten any outfit in seconds.

Exfoliate and moisturize

Glowing skin is the key to looking fresh and fab so be sure to wash your face (save time by doing this in the shower) with a gentle exfoliating cleanser, and follow with a moisturizer that your skin will drink up. Try tinted moisturizer to even out skin tone and avoid using heavy-weighted, pore clogging, and time-consuming foundation.

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Have three standby hairstyles

If you don't have wash 'n go hair, when you have some spare time, experiment with various easy hairstyles that look great, but take a minute or less like a loose and low side ponytail, side swept part with a bobby pin, headband, or low bun.

A diet of lip-gloss and mascara

These are the mom survivor items, so stash gloss and mascara in your purse, car - everywhere that offers you easy access. In combination they make you look refreshed and re-energized, even if you are running on empty. If you have time for more of a makeover, dot concealer on eyes to brighten them and on any blemishes you want to mask, and blend. Dust blush on apples of cheeks and brush up cheekbones towards hairline. Finally, sweep a translucent powder all over to set. Tip: All of this can be legally accomplished while sitting at a stoplight!

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