Tom Cruise says Suri dresses the way she wants to

While I am always wildly suspicious of any "Celebs…they're just like us!" moments, I have to admit, something about the way Tom Cruise talked to Oprah about 4-year-old daughter Suri getting dressed just rang true to my own experience of kids and clothes.

"She likes to dress herself and wears whatever she wants to wear," Cruise said, in that confounded-by-my-child's-will way. Looking much mellower than the dude who did pogoed on Oprah's couch a half decade ago, Cruise went on to say, "She wants to wear it, she wears it…a girl wants to wear what she wants to wear. I'm not gonna tell her different. She's got great taste."

Of course that taste includes Burberry and high heels and loads of other designer items that remind me exactly how different Suri is from any kid I know, but there was something genuinely sweet about Cruise's revelation that even he has to just deal with his 4-year-old's choices from time to time. It made me feel less crazy for letting my toddler LBZ reject two sweatshirts before deigning to put one on this morning. Sure, it was Carter's, not Chanel, but still, the kid knew what he wanted, and I had to admire that a little.

As for all the attention Suri gets from being hounded by the paparazzi, Cruise told Oprah, "She just deals with it. We don't make it a problem. We don't get nervous about it. Katie's a very relaxed person, and you just deal with it."

Yeah. That's exactly how LBZ and I handle the paparazzi, too.