Too Cool for Nursery School: 10 Hot Hipster Baby Names for 2013

The top 10 hipster baby namesThe top 10 hipster baby namesOver the past few weeks I've noticed a trend on the top baby name websites for hipster baby names. So, this is a thing. You might be inclined to think "hipster" is just another word for 'trendy', but oh no - hipster is is a whole other category. You see, a hipster baby name is one that seems edgy and new although, as we see with the increasing popularity of hipster baby names, they are becoming more and more mainstream. Lucky for you, I have scanned the many lists of hipster baby name suggestions and pulled together some that still sound unique. Hurry up and use them before your super-cool friends do! Here are 10 of my favorite hipster baby names for boys and girls.

Here are my top 5 picks for girls:

1. Billie
I love this one for it's major icon status. Billy Holiday after the late great jazz singer songwriter. She is well loved and listened to around here. Not to mention that famous song by MJ, that we all know and love.

2. Flora
This is a decidedly girly choice, meaning (you guessed it), 'flower'. It's origins are of Latin descent and mythologically speaking Flora was the name of the Roman goddess for springtime. A lovely choice for this time of year!

3. Hazel
Old school represent. Retro names are making a big come-back on the baby name front, many of which I am not a fan of - but this one made my list. For some reason, it just rolls off of the tongue for me and beckons to grace, wit and spark. But that's just me.

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4. Piper
Suitable for a boy or girl (although I especially love it for a little girl), Piper comes from ye Olde English and it literally means pipe player. I think it's quirky and rather endearing.

5. Maisie
Sweet, but not overtly so, this is a quirky alternative to the hipster favorite, Daisy. Maisie is another old-school charmer that resonates with me. Hailing from the Greeks, it is said to mean pearl.

And here my top 5 for boys:

1. Hugo
C'mon, a little newborn baby boy, all fresh and wrinkly sporting the name, Hugo? Too precious. You should know that it means bright in mind and spirit so don't be too quick to knock it. Unless of course you are already a fan, then hi! Let's be friends.

2. Jasper
Oh, I adore this lovely Greek name that means treasure holder! So yes, what I'm saying is that if you name your baby Jasper, you'll get all the shiny things. Yup, it's that easy.

3. Oscar
This adorable boys name is of Scandinavian descent and means "divine strength." It's also inspired by Oscar Wilde, the slightly tortured (aren't they all?) but brilliant Irish writer and poet.

4. Luca
A handsome name, hailing form Italy - Luciana Italy, specifically. Baby names that are places is also quite big with hipsters (and, well, everyone!) this year -- as are months of the year (Luca January, anyone?!).

5. Kai
A rather sprightly name, this one hails from many origins. The Welsh, Scandinavian (oh so hip!) and Greeks deemed it to mean keeper of the keys; keeper of the earth. I like. Also know as beautiful in South Africa and, 'the sea' in Hawaii.

- By Selena Burgess
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