Too Young to Be Mothers?

25 pregnant

Have you noticed that more and more younger celebrities are expecting babies these days? First, there was Hilary Duff who just welcomed her first child at 24. Then there was Kristin Cavallari, who announced she was pregnant at 25. Then came Snooki, who's 24 and pregnant. And now there are rumors that Megan Fox--who was born in 1986--is pregnant.

I feel like in Hollywood, women traditionally wait until they are older to have children, but more and more younger stars are having babies. And it's kind of inspirational.

As a young mother, people always balk that I had a baby before I really ever "experienced" life. But you know what? I've wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember. And now that I am a mom, it's the best thing I've ever done.

And much to people's surprise, my life hasn't stopped since I had my daughter. I still have professional aspirations, I still have friends and I still love to shop. I wouldn't exactly say I have it all, but being a mom was important to me and I'm glad it's something I've accomplished.

Of course, I don't know any of these star moms-to-be personally, but I'd like to think that for all of them motherhood is something they're embracing as a new experience and not something that will hold them back. Contrary to popular belief, I think these young stars will continue doing their thing in the limelight, even after they have babies.

What do you think about the rise of young moms in Hollywood? Think it's sending a dangerous message to young girls who look up to them? Or helping other women realize it's okay to have babies when you're ready because your life won't shut down? Share your thoughts in the comments.