10 Necessities for an Active Mom

By Charlotte Hilton Andersen, REDBOOK

mom gearmom gearChasing toddlers, squatting while carrying a preschooler on your shoulders, climbing up tiny Playland tubes (that smell like pee) to rescue a stuck child: Having kids should be considered its own sport. And therefore it shouldn't come as any surprise that over the years moms have figured out our own must-have equipment lists. While we may not look as sporty as, say, Maria Sharapova, we make up for it in our ingenuity.

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1. Yoga pants. For myself, stretchy pants are a must. Ever tried crouching for 10 minutes to pick up 700 melting beads off the library floor while wearing super-tight skinny jeans? Without showing butt crack? These days I live in my Zobha's since they're as cute as they are comfy and if they're good enough for mama January Jones, then they're good enough for me.

2. No dry-cleaner allowed. "With kids, everything gets dirty on a daily basis, so 99% of my clothes need to be machine washable!" -Desiree

3. Baby wipes. "Wipes! Not just for the butt anymore!" -Krista

4. Nutrition. "Snacks that can calm a tired baby, toddler, or child that's headed for meltdown. Or me." -Rebecca

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5. Lovies. "There isn't anything my son's baby blanket can't cure. We never leave home without it." -Shar

6. Hair ties. "Ponytail holders for both for me and my daughter. She will pull hers out then have a fit because her hair is in her eyes." -Kristin

7. Double-duty clothing. "Reversible stuff is my dream." -Maryrose

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8. Gigantic purse. The days of just needing a wallet are over. Diapers, clean undies, snacks, binkies, even a potty-training seat sometimes-"I'd be lost without my huge purse!" -Jeni

9. Stain-camouflaging shirts. "A long black sweater to cover up something spilled or sat in (chocolate on a chair, anyone?)" - Colleen

10. Burp rags. "I stash baby washcloths in all purses/bags. My boy is seven, but we still use them daily for face/nose wipes and small spills. So easy to use once on something gross and throw in the wash. And they never shred apart in my pocket like tissues." -Pam

Bonus: Ear plugs.

What's on your must-have packing list for your mom expeditions?

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