Top 10 U.S. Hispanic baby names

Most people don't want their kid to have the same name as three other playground pals. Well, they better start checking the list of top baby names among U.S. Hispanics. Por qué? One of every four American kids under age 5 is Hispanic, and it's the fastest growing ethnic group in the country.

Hispanic parents aren't just choosing traditional names, either. "Even when these parents don't speak English, they're increasingly likely to choose English names," says Isidra Mencos, editor-in-chief of our popular Spanish-language website, BabyCenter en Español. "This year, Valentina dropped off the most-popular list and was replaced with the American-sounding Nicole."

Here are the most popular boys' and girls' names among U.S. Hispanics. The data come from tens of thousands of parents registered on BabyCenter en Español.

Top Hispanic boys' names
1. Alexander
2. Sebastián
3. Daniel
4. Ángel
5. Santiago

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Top Hispanic girls' names
1. Sophia
2. Camila
3. Isabella
4. Valeria
5. Mia

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