Top 12 “Glee” Baby Names for Gleeks

Calling all Gleeks! Your favorite show is helping shape the face of baby naming!

We paired our very own name nerds with our TV-obsessed "Glee" geeks to uncover which "Glee" names rank tops ... and which ones get a big ole slushie in the face! Check 'em out!


Obnoxious songstress Rachel Berry may not be the most popular member of McKinley High's glee club, but her name has been popular for ages. The name Rachel-which means "ewe"-is currently the 90th most popular girls' name in the U.S. and has been consistently popular throughout history.


Our quarterback and choirboy hero has a name as sweet as his face. Finn Hudson's first name showed up on the SSA's Top 1,000 list in 2000 and currently hits a high note on the charts at #343.

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Head Cheerio Quinn Fabray has had a rocky road as a pregnant teen who was pushed out of the limelight, but as she's busy climbing her way back up the social ladder, she's helping the name Quinn gain popularity, too. It recently reached its highest chart placement since its 1960 debut. Watch for this name to keep reaching for the stars ... for both girls and boys.


Ahhh, Kurt. The dramatic, fashion-forward Glee-ster we love to love. Turns out Kurt Hummel was fittingly named for "The Sound of Music" character, Kurt Von Trapp-and it's not surprising that the name hit its popularity height in the mid-1960s, right around the movie's release. The "K" spelling-Kurt-is slightly less popular than the "C" spelling-Curt-but who says different is a bad thing?


Self-proclaimed diva Mercedes Jones is dyin' for a solo, but her name has been in the spotlight since the 1880s. You probably associate the name with the luxury ride, but it's actually associated with the Virgin Mary-it means "mercies."

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