Top 20 Gross Facts for Kids!

From the icky bugs who make you wonder to the secrets of your body's grossest functions - check out's amazing facts for young kids about everything grossly cool! (And don't forget to click each fact for more info all about it!)

Gross Crawling Critters

· Certain dung beetles roll the wastes of other animals into balls before using them as anything from food, to home, to a place to lay their eggs!

· Lice have special spit that they use to stick their tiny eggs to people's hair.

· Some cultures are known to eat termites! In certain places, a Queen termite is even considered to be a delicacy.

· One of a roach's favorite foods is glue.

· Because they can't chew, houseflies only eat liquids. That's why they "spit" on anything they want to eat: the spit-like substance turns the solid into a liquid so they can drink it up!

Animal Surprises

· Adult penguins feed their babies by coughing up food from their own stomachs!

· Frogs and toads might look like they have warts, but their bumpy skin is actually meant to help with camouflage and self-defense.

· Pew! Skunks can spray a target with their stinky musk from a distance of ten feet.

· Baboons use their big pink butts as cushions!

· Some rhinos mark their territory with urine and mounds of dung as big as three feet high!

Bathroom Business

· The food you eat goes on a journey as you digest. By the time you go to the bathroom, it's traveled about 30 feet!

· Your intestines help break down foods on their way out of your body. The small intestine alone can be about half the length of a school bus!

· Poop gets its brown color from what's in it - a mixture of wastes, bacteria, and water plus green-yellow bile and brownish bilirubin, special helpers your body uses to assist with digestion.

· Most people pass gas about 10-20 times in a single day. - That's as much as 7,300 times a year!

· The stomach plays an important part in digestion: It grinds and mashes up your food into a mushy goop called "chime."

Burps, Boogers, and Beyond

· According to Guinness World Records, the longest known ear hair belongs to a man whose amazingly long ear hairs are over 7 inches long!

· Our brains are a big bundle of nerve cells, which are gray, white, and a little pink in color and have a texture like tofu!

· The sound of your "growling stomach" has its own special (and funny-sounding) name: Borborygmi.

· The loudest known burp was 107.1 decibels, according to Guinness World Records. That means the burp was louder than most chainsaws and motorcycles!

· Your nose naturally produces about a quart of mucus every day!

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