Top 20 Stories That Got Moms Talking in 2009

The biggie holidays are nearly over, which means it's "countdown time." Counting down to the New Year, counting down the most popular news events ...

Being a mom, when I hear "countdown" I immediately think I'm giving my kids another time-out. "If you don't get over here by the time I count to five, so help me I'll ..." and "Those toys better be picked up by the time I count to 10 or ..."

One of my New Year's resolutions is to have far less of those types of countdowns in 2010, if I can get my little ones on board with that.

Meantime, I thought it would be fun to do a "Mom Related" countdown. I jumped into the CafeMom Daily Buzz Blogs to see what was top of your minds this past year.

Come along as I take you through the Top 20 Stories That Got Moms Talking in 2009 (and click the links to read the full story and see what CafeMoms really think) ...

20 Octomom

Moms dished on what they think of Nadya Suleman's reality show deal.

19 Children at Weddings

Some parents aren't inviting their own kids to the nuptials.

18 Fake Babies

Remarkably (and creepy) real-looking dolls that adults dress, change, cuddle ... and love?

17 White Cloud Diapers

A big retailer's move threw many moms into a tizzy.

16 Strangers with Guns

A harmless man, a toy gun, and an over-dramatic mama.

15 Eating Afterbirth

Placentaplagy. Yum!

14. Baby Hair-Weaves

Because bald babies are NOT acceptable.

13. Spongebob and Burger King

Is the character promoting objectified, sexualized images of women?

12. Baby Name Game

A fun way to say whether you like or hate a certain name.

11. Embarrassing Nicknames

Butt, Booger, Bacon. Yup, all real.

10. Bad OBGYNs

Even doctors can be bullies in the delivery room.

9. Scary Toddler T-Shirt

A 3 year old wearing images of screaming bloody skulls?

8. Kissing Kids on the Mouth

The rules for who is allowed to smooth your kid ... and where.

7. Jon and Kate

Even after divorce, moms are still talking about how much the couple hates each other.

6. Dying a Toddler's Hair

A mom of a red-headed tot plans to make him a brunette.

5. Dressing Up to Give Birth

Some moms spend hundreds to look good as they're pushing and oozing.

4. Bath Time Dangers

A mom leaves a toddler alone in the bath.

3. Breastfeeding in Public

A fast food restaurant banishes a nursing mom to the bathroom.

2. Lazy Moms

A too-tired mom lets her baby lay in a poopy diaper all night, then lies to the doctor.

1. Babies Home Alone

My twins are sleeping ... I can dash out for a few minutes, right?

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