Top 5 Artifical Insemination Flicks

Jennifer Aniston's "The Switch" isn't the only anxiety-inducing/totally heartwarming tale about assisted reproductive technology!
- Carolyn French,

What would you do upon discovering (seven years after the fact) that a good friend had gotten plastered at your "insemination party", unintentionally spilled your selected sperm sample, and quickly swapped it out with his own in order to cover his tracks?

That's the dilemma Jennifer Aniston faces in next Friday's romantic dramedy, The Switch, which also stars adorable funnyman Jason Bateman.

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Keeping that in mind, let's take a look at a few other popular films that dealt with getting knocked up … on purpose:

The Kids Are All Right

When two longtime lovers (played by Julianne Moore and Annette Bening) hear of their children's desire to seek out their biological father (Mark Ruffalo), things get a little tense. OK, really tense.

The mothers are less than thrilled, even a bit incensed at the notion that maybe they aren't enough. However, after meeting Mr. Sperm Donor and allowing their kids to develop a relationship with him, everyone - including the audience - can't help but feel that everything's going to be alright. Make no mistake though, there is plenty of drama to keep you on your toes.

The Back-up Plan

Zoe (Jennifer Lopez) is a New York-based pet shop owner who essentially throws up her hands one day and declares THAT'S IT! Years of attempting to find a real connection with the opposite sex sends her running to the nearest sperm-bank.

Directly after the artificial insemination procedure, she bumps into a handsome man (Alex O'Loughlin), which quickly turns into a game of will she/won't she clue him in. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place!

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Baby Mama

30 Rock mastermind Tina Fey portrays career-obsessed Kate Holbrook who never does anything even remotely unconventional … that is until she learns of her infertility. Enter polar-opposite South Philly gal Angie (Amy Poehler), whom Kate hires to be her live-in surrogate.

Junk food squabbles, hilarious Lamaze class dialogue and one major secret make this film a must-see.

The Brothers Solomon

Two well-intentioned, socially inept bros (Will Arnett and Will Forte) avidly seek out the perfect surrogate mother to help grant their dying father's final wish: to have a grandchild.

While the plot is a little bizarre, we promise the screwball laugh-a-minute comedy belongs in your Netflix queue!

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Made in America

Ah, the movie that started it all. Back in 1993 it wasn't the norm to tell your child that they were conceived via artificial insemination. Sarah Matthews (Whoopi Goldberg), a black business woman, has to own up when her teenage daughter Zora (Nia Long) confronts her with the truth. And if things weren't surprising enough, the kicker turns out to be that the father, Hal Jackson (Ted Danson), is white.

The tagline for the movie read - "At the sperm-bank, she asked for a tall, intelligent, black man. One out of three ain't bad." How perfect is that?

Boy have we come a long way!

Tell us: How would you feel if you found out you were the result of such an exceptional union?

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