Top 5: Meals the Babysitter Can Serve

You shouldn't have to worry that your child will have to eat greasy delivery pizza every single time you have grown-up dinner plans. If you didn't have time to pre-prepare your kids' meals before you leave, there are still lots of good-for-you meals that you can stock the house with so even the younger, "I've-never-turned-on-an-oven"- babysitter set can serve dinner with confidence.

Kids will clamor for these "treats" so much you may not even be missed! Most are available in supermarkets and natural foods stores, but you can order them online, too.

Because no meal is complete without a fork, shop our guide to the best kids' utensils.

1. If she can run a microwave, your babysitter can serve your kids Annie's Microwaveable Mac & Cheese ($6). It's made with organic pasta and the natural white cheddar cheese. Add water, and in less than 5 minutes, dinner is done. If you want to sneak in a vegetable, leave cut-up broccoli or tomato in the fridge for her to thrown in.

2. These chicken strips from Applegate Farms ($9) are not only organic, they're also free of fillers and chemicals. And they're fully cooked, so heating them in the microwave with some green beans or peas is all that's required for a well-rounded meal.

3. Earth's Best isn't just for baby food-they make an excellent line of frozen kids' meals, too. This whole wheat pizza ($5) is all-natural, 70% organic, and endorsed by Elmo - which is probably the only selling point you need for the kids.

4. Let the kids have a fiesta you can feel good about with Amy's Cheese Enchiladas ($6). This full vegetarian meal includes a cheese enchilada, black beans and golden corn, and it's ready after a few minutes in the microwave.

5. Yes, we did just suggest good ol' Spaghetti o's ($2). They actually have 25% of the day's Vitamin D, and Campbell's has introduced cans with added calcium, so as long as they're eaten in moderation-like when you enlist the occasional babysitter with dinner responsibilities-you're good to go with 'sketios.