Top 5 Skincare Treatments for Expectant Moms

Your body goes through a lot when you're pregnant. If there's ever an occasion to indulge yourself with luxurious products and treatments, it's now. Here are five we love, and can honestly say, work.

this works perfect cleavage

1. Your breasts will grow pretty significantly during pregnancy. Incorporating a daily application of This Works Perfect Cleavage will ensure they stay supple and stretch mark-free.

belli elasticity oil

2. Stretch marks and pregnancy don't have to go hand in hand. The key is keeping your growing belly moisturized. We helped ward off stretch marks with Belli Skin Care's super rich Elasticity Oil.

bella b silk and honey moisturizing body cream

3. Your baby bump deserves some extra TLC, but that doesn't mean you should skimp on the rest of your body. Slather yourself with this silk and honey Body Cream to create the perfect pregnancy glow.

body buff by mama mio

4. Looking for a super gentle exfoliator that actually works? Body Buff by Mama Mio will slough off dead skin cells, then replenish your skin with healthy, nourishing nutrients.

basq stretch mark butter

5. If you've already started to see some stretch marks developing, keep them at bay with Basq's Stretch Mark Butter. It's luscious and thick to help nourish the stretched skin and prevent any further stretch marks.