Top Ten Best Things About Having Kids

#10 It's nice to have someone who thinks all your jokes are funny - even when you aren't making one

#9 You no longer look like a weirdo when you talk to yourself in the grocery store. Everybody thinks you are just mumbling to your kids

#8 No more questions about your clothing choices. Everybody assumes you are too tired or too busy to care about fashion

#7 Tax Deduction, Tax Deduction, Tax Deduction

#6 No more need to justify why you own three video game systems, a gameboy, and an entire collection of Star Wars action figures.

#5 Once again you can dress up for Halloween for absolutely no reason.

#4 The opportunity to secretly whisper your Christmas wish to Santa Claus - just in case

#3 A standing ovation every time you return home from doing anything -- even if you just ran to the gas station

#2 Getting the opportunity to experience life all over again from a fresh beginning

#1 Little kisses from little lips that are wet, sticky and filled with an unabashed love of YOU.