Travel Safe

First of all I cannot stand to watch the News much of the time because most of it focuses on a few that have done some kind of evil.

Most of the time in real life people do the best they can. In America at the end of 2011 we may be having economic problems but better times are coming. I was taught safety first and life over property.

When you first get into a car make sure you know where everything is and one of the most important things are the rear view and center mirrors. Adjust them. This way you can see all around your car except in that blind spot about where the back seats are on both sides.

Think for a moment, dies this car have enough fuel, safe tires. a good battery and belts and oil and water or liquids? What would I do if this car would crash? Hands need to be at 10 and 2 of a clock to control this car of yours.

Cell phones, babies crying and passengers can get you and themselves killed just by a few seconds of distraction.
Impaired drivers are people who have taken the wrong dose of a medication, taken illegal drugs or drank too much booze. Did they think to call a cab? I used to work as a Nurse in a jail and I saw horrible things. I do not remember his name but this man came in and he had just killed one whole family including a baby and 3 small children because he was impaired. He has to try to live with this guilt the rest of his life. How sad. He made one bad decision.

I was shopping today and met a young grandmother who lost her daughter to domestic violence. She said my daughter was murdered by her husband who is in prison now and I have custody of their 3 small children. She said criminals have too many rights these days. I agree.
People see water ahead and drive into it and drown. A bee flies into the window and they get distracted and have a crash. Air bags save lives if you do not get trapped and if you have your feet and arms in the right place. Seat belts save lives unless you are going too fast or get hit from the side.

If you see an accident happen, stop and render help. Call 911 and if you do not know basic first aide The American Red Cross will teach you. Just take a safety course like defensive driving.

Did you know if you are in a car crash doing 70 miles per hour it is the same out come if you are driving 60?

Make sure small children are safe. Parents and grandparents are caregivers of these special little ones. I heard one time their angel can talk to G-d real fast so it gets His attention when you are mean to a little innocent child.

Elderly people have been driving a long time and have experience. Just make sure they are not on wrong medications or have senility.

Certain foods can make you fall asleep while driving. Dairy products like milk and cheese make you sleepy. Skip the milkshakes and the beer. Open container laws still exist and someone is always watching. Anyone can become an alcoholic. It is a disease we call an allergy plus a mental obsession. It is cured by not drinking any thing with alcohol in it and this includes mouth wash. It has to be every day all the time we must stop it because it is a depressant drug and causes many health problems. It is not harmless. It is not gluttony for that has to do with over eating and not getting exercise.
There is a website called In The Rooms to help. All people have someone they know who is a problem drinker. Be a good example to your children. Help the elderly because they too have feelings of low self worth and poor self esteem. Many of them commit suicide. Many of them are lonely. Be as kind as possible and show them they are worth respecting and honoring.

Life is wonderful. Please do not end it for a stranger. You will have to live with your mistake.