Traveling with Kids: The Number One Way to Ease Their Boredom (and Complaining)

By Britt Reints, REDBOOK

As we've traveled up the East Coast this summer, we've spent a lot of time visiting historical sites and museums, places that could be considered boring to a 6-year-old. While my daughter Emma has fared pretty well, a full day of walking around looking at various monuments in Washington, D.C. almost did her in-and then we decided to give her a camera and a photo challenge.

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Bunny is Emma's lifelong companion. She's not normally allowed to bring him outside the house anymore, but that day she'd managed to sneak him out of the house and onto a Metro train without anyone noticing. We made the best of the situation by encouraging her to photograph Bunny at all of the sights we visited. She immediately became less disgruntled about the long walks and boring buildings! Added bonus: We now have some very interesting photos of Bunny and Thomas Jefferson to add to our scrapbook.

Britt Reints is a freelance writer traveling the country by RV with her husband and two kids. She shares their journey at her blog, In Pursuit of Happiness.

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