Twillight-Inspired Baby Names

You already know we're obsessed with baby names, but the secret's out: We're obsessed with everything Twilight, too - the books, the movies and OK, we'll admit it, the incredibly fine leading men! So in honor of the release of the third film, Eclipse, on June 30, we've got a roundup of our favorite Twilight names from the blockbuster series. Whether you're on Team Edward or Team Jacob, we hope you'll agree: These names are bloody good!

1.Edward The name Edward is classic and timeless - perfect for a guy who's over 100 years old and immortal. It has a royal sound, which works well for Twilight's vampire prince, and its meaning - "protector" - is a spot-on fit for the guardian of an accident-prone girlfriend. Although Edward hasn't been a top name since the 1930s, Twilight (and Robert Pattinson) could bring it back from the dead.

2.Bella Bella is Italian and Spanish for "beautiful," which makes this a no-brainer name choice for parents enraptured with lovely baby daughters. It's also a shortened version of Isabella, which is currently the most popular girls' name in the country. And thanks to Twilight's heroine, played by Kristen Stewart, it just might stay at the #1 spot in 2010! (Wow, do we sound like Ryan Seacrest on the American Top 40 or what?)

3.Jacob Since Jacob is the most common boys' name in the U.S., and has been for the last 11 years, you might shy away from choosing it for your son. But one look at Taylor Lautner's hunky portrayal of the waiting-in-the-wings werewolf might make you think it wouldn't be so bad to have your kid called "Jacob B." or "Jacob M." at school. It's popular because it's a strong, masculine name. And its nicknames Jake and Jack are manly winners, too.

4.Carlisle The name Carlisle is an aristocratic-sounding name and a great pick for parents gung-ho for the last-names-as-first-names trend (or those who want their kids' names to sound like a law office or fancy hotel ... just kidding!). However, Carl works as a down-to-earth nickname for boys, and Charlie works as a nickname for both boys and girls with the name.

5.Victoria Celebrity mom Bryce Dallas Howard (a celebrity baby with a place name herself!) plays the bad vampire Victoria in Eclipse and gets to kick some serious butt in battle. And we think Victoria kicks serious butt as a strong but beautiful girls' name - it means "victory."

6.James James is the most popular name among U.S. presidents, which makes it a fitting name for the former leader of the rival vampires in the first Twilight installment. But we like the name James because it sounds good with literally any last name. James Ng? Sounds good. James Smith? Sounds good. James Papodopolus? Still sounds good!

7.Alice This old-school name hasn't fallen down the rabbit hole - it's making a comeback! Alice may be best known for the childlike heroine of literature, but it's one of those "new traditionalist" names (a.k.a. names that used to be associated with little old ladies) that are so cool right now. In the Twilight films, telepathic vampire Alice is played by actress Ashley Greene.

8.Jasper We think the naturalist, unique name Jasper rocks! In fact, it is a kind of rock - a gemstone actually - which is crazy fitting since actor Jackson Rathbone, who plays Jasper in the Twilight films, sings and plays guitar in the rock band 100 Monkeys. And while we love the name Jasper, we're not sure about the band's name ... We're thinking they should have asked for some name advice from our Community name pros!

9.Rosalie Retro name Rosalie hasn't even entered the top 1,000 names in the U.S. in over 20 years. But we think it's a sweet and lyrical version of the classic one-syllable Rose. If your family tree (or rosebush) has Latin or Italian roots, this is a blooming way to honor your baby girl's heritage. Actress Nikki Reed, who plays vampiress Rosalie in the Twilight films, is of Italian ancestry herself, and she also has Native American blood in her background, like her character's werewolf allies.

10.Emmett If you're in love with the currently cool boy names Collin, Connor, Ethan or Elliot (or in love with actor Kellan Lutz), here's a much less-common name with the same vibe: Emmett. Although Twilight may raise its profile a bit, the name has never entered the top 100 since the U.S. started tracking names. We dig how it has an American pioneer ring to it, and how it's so masculine-sounding that it will never be taken over as a girls' name.

Who's your favorite Twilight character? Would you name a baby after him or her? Let us know below!

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