Type-A Mommy: Mother's Day Musts

By Type-A Mommy, Emily Liebert for GalTime.com
Gifts to soothe, soul and stomachGifts to soothe, soul and stomach

I'll never forget my first Mother's Day. I had a seven-month-old, and I was six months pregnant. How many women can say that?

I'll also never forget the beautiful diamond necklace my husband bought me or what he said when he gave it to me: "I wanted you to have something special, but don't get used to it!" Men. This year, perhaps he'll take note of the fabulous and clever gifts featured here.

They all fit into the three F's, as I like to call them-Food, Fashion, and Face-the modern-day girl's best friends.

As I've said countless times, multi-use products are the way to any Type A Mommy's heart, which is why I adore Paige Hamilton's brand new iPad carrying case debuting for spring. Not only is it made of an ultra-sleek and easy to maintain rubber, but it doubles as a clutch for date night.

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Rain Dance
My feet will definitely be doing the jive this spring in a funky pair of rain boots by Jessica Swift, whose collection just launched in January. The best part? Five dollars from every order is donated to Charity:Water, an organization that brings clean, fresh drinking water to developing regions.

Un-forbidden Fruit
No more trips to the farmer's market when you're tight on time. The FruitGuys, a green and sustainable-focused company, will deliver farm-fresh fruit and vegetables to your doorstep. They work with small, local farms across the country to create their TakeHome case of fresh regional and organic produce. Available in three different varieties: fruit & veggie, fruit only, and veggie only. I feel healthier just thinking about it!

Let Them Eat Cake
Another fruitcake, sigh. A common refrain heard around the year-end holidays. Now, Robert Lambert is revolutionizing the concept with his delicious and eye-catching "Summer Fruitcakes" made with walnuts, dried pineapple, mango, cherries, and nectarines. Other enticing ingredients include papaya and guava nectar, Yuzu, Meyer Lemon, and Blood Orange peels. Wrapped like a beautiful present and topped with a vibrant flower, I'd say the way to a woman's heart is through her stomach!

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Simply Swell
As all moms know, you have to put your best face forward every single day (whether you feel like it or not). Thanks to Swell Skin, you need only two products to cover 90% of your skincare needs. Simply wash your face at night with the treatment bar, massage on some oil, and wake up with "airbrushed skin." It also helps eradicate acne, rosacea, and those pesky fine lines.


I don't know about you, but it's a rare day that I make it out of the house with a full face of makeup, or any makeup for that matter. Now, with Cindy Joseph's three essential and multi-purpose Boomsticks, I might have a shot. Each stick comes in a universal shade that can be used on cheeks, eyes, lips, and shoulders. The result is dewy, colorful, and radiant skin. New to Joseph's organic beauty line, handmade by beekeepers in Hawaii, is BOOMSILK, a luxurious moisturizer for the entire body.

Crème de la Crème
Without a doubt, I'll be showing up to my Mother's Day celebration with one of Crème Delicious' innovative and exquisite artisanal cakes from their NYC-based boutique. Endorsed by Martha Stewart, their Henna design cakes are bright and sparkly-perfect for any party. And you don't need to be local to partake. Crème Delicious ships across America. Better order yours today!

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