Type a Mommy: Travel Treasures

By Author and Parenting Expert Emily Liebert for GalTime

These treasures will make your traveling smoother wherever you go! These treasures will make your traveling smoother wherever you go! Having recently returned from a week-long family vacation, I have to say I feel betrayed. Why is it that none of my mommy friends warned me that traveling internationally with two kids under 2-1/2 is a bad idea? That is, if you actually want to relax.

My husband and I not-so-fondly refer to this particular trip as "Hugo Took on Turks and Caicos." Hugo is our 19-month-old and, let's just say, he's not a particularly adaptable child. He does not appreciate being displaced from the comfortable cocoon that is his home. Nor does he delight in three-plus-hour plane rides.

In light of this predicament, which we survived (just barely), I got to thinking about some of the great products out there designed specifically for the purpose of making parents' lives easier while on the move. Whether you're road tripping or journeying overseas, here's a handful of travel treasures that caught my eye and, above all, appealed to my Type A Mommy sensibilities.

Simply Smart
Created for moms by moms, the new Similac SimplySmart baby bottle is a no-brainer for little travelers. The brand polled 2,500 moms about their bottle-feeding gripes, with leaks, clumps, and bubbles topping the list. Their answer? A bottle that: 1) Reveals a blue shield when the top is secured to prevent leaks. 2) Features an innovative mixing device designed to help reduce bubbles and formula clumps. 3) Allows air to easily vent, minimizing your baby's air intake and reducing fussiness and gas. 4) Boasts a naturally shaped nipple to simulate breastfeeding. The best part is the On-the-Go powder cap, which holds enough formula for one 8oz. feeding.

I have a thing for multi-use products. They're so, well, practical. When I stumbled upon the GoPillow!, I knew we were meant to be. This wearable, portable pillow and blanket combination fills a seemingly endless list of needs. Tucked neatly inside the pillow's invisible compartment is a retractable blanket, which provides privacy during public breastfeeding and doubles as a changing pad. Infants can also be propped up on the pillow while lying on the open blanket. Available in a variety of colors and machine washable, GoPillow! is an ideal companion in restaurants, on public transportation, and pretty much anywhere out and about. The pillow can hold smaller, necessary items such as diapers and baby wipes too.

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Snack Pack
Another gem in the multi-use realm is the Cubbie Cup, a spill proof snack cup and sippy cup in one-conceived by a mom who's toddler was continually dropping her sippy cup on the car floor in exchange for her snack cup, only to find herself upset moments later when mom couldn't retrieve it. Been there! The cup is dishwasher safe with measurements on both sides (1 cup of snacks and 8oz. of liquid). Perfect at home or on the road. Celeb fans include: Kourtney Kardashian, Gwen Stefani, Kimora Lee Simmons, Tori Spelling, Sarah Jessica Parker, Bethenny Frankel, and Jessica Alba.

Neat Seat
It may sound like a chewing gum, but it's so much sweeter. BubbleBum is the first inflatable, portable car booster seat that's revolutionizing travels and transfers. No more hauling booster seats from playdates to grandparents to vacation destinations or moving car seats from one vehicle to another. BubbleBum features belt positioning clips in place of arm rests, allowing for three across in the back seat of a car and is ideal for taxis, school trips, and even airplanes. Suitable for children aged 4-11, it deflates to fit in a backpack or purse and is lightweight (less than one pound). Safety and mom approved.

Kid 9-1-1
Admit it, you've changed your child's diaper in some pretty sketchy spots while out of town (bathroom floor at a gas station, thank you). You've also searched far and wide for entertainment and sustenance for your kids, only to find a Ground Round circa 1970. Now, with KIDzOUT- a mobile application with a database of over 260,000 known locations-you'll be able to pinpoint nearby diaper decks, family-friendly restaurants, playgrounds, and medical facilities in a pinch. That's what I call a kiddie concierge.

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