Typecast as a Mom? Let Astrology Nurture Your Independence!

Typecast As a Mom? Let Astrology Nurture Your Independence!

With Mother's Day just ahead this coming weekend, are you feeling a little frustrated being seen as simply a mom? You want to be yourself for once -- can your Sun sign help you carve out time to enjoy a bit of freedom and independence?

Since they don't tend toward domesticity in the first place, Aries has no problem making time for themselves. They're free spirits by nature, and they'd rather assert their individuality than be tied down. Because of this, the Ram is often a role model for other freedom-seeking signs!

Taurus enjoys the security of home and family -- especially because they get to exert more control over how everything runs. The Bull doesn't have the same urge for freedom as other signs. Rather, their identity comes from nurturing what makes them feel safe.

Wanderers at heart, Gemini knows that their independence comes from having a wide circle of friends. If they're not out and about, odds are you'll find them feeding their voracious appetite for reading. When they're able to step out of their mom role, they have no problem joining groups where they're welcomed for who they are as a complete person.

Cancer's life revolves around their family, and they're never happier than when cuddling close with their nearest and dearest. That said, the Crab can also be restless and ambitious, so they need to own their individuality and push themselves to step out once in awhile.

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Leo loves to be admired just for who they are, so they'll be happy as the center of attention both at home and out in the world. They'd never dream of identifying themselves solely as a mother -- and they'll react strongly if anyone dares to try!

Virgo can be overly adaptable, so they're all too prone to becoming typecast in a motherly role. They often escape into reading when they long for quiet time alone, but they'd do well to take up a social life away from home once in awhile.

Like Virgo, Libra can easily slip into the all-consuming role of a parent. They're ambitious, though, and they do push for time away from home -- with family in tow, of course. While this doesn't make them fully independent, they're still able to be their own person.

Scorpio may be sentimental about their family, but they're certainly not soft when it comes to exerting their individuality! They'll bask in their role as a mom -- and do what they please on their own as well.

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Sagittarius isn't happy when cornered into domestic typecasting. They're independent-minded and adventurous, but they also greatly enjoy their family's company, so they'll tote them along to wherever the excitement is. That said, flying solo is a breeze for the Archer.

Capricorn enjoys the status of being a parent, but they don't appreciate being thought of only in those terms. After all, they're self-sufficient and dedicated to their friends -- and happy to go their own way when it suits them!

While Aquarius regards practically everyone as a friend, they refuse to be placed in a box. They'll become rebellious if tied down to a limiting role and will insist on keeping their own interests alive and well.

Pisces settles all too easily into being at the beck and call of their family. They need to find the will power and courage to create boundaries and follow their own wishes once in awhile!

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