Your Ultimate Back to School Guide

When back to school time rolls around we almost think that happy hour should be pushed to 9:00am. By then you've gone through the chaotic routine of getting the kids up, breakfast made, and dodged a few cars as you made your mad dash for an on-time drop-off. While we can't officially help you out with those tantrums and perpetually late mornings, we can make your lives easier by providing you with this ultimate back to school guide. From awesome lunch boxes to backpacks to choice eco-friendly essentials, we've got you covered. Despite the daily screams of terror during morning drop-off, at least the shopping will be a breeze and you and your kid will be doing it all in stylish and fab gear, right?

Lunch Boxes
Our kids don't even know the meaning of a brown bag lunch thanks in part to some totally innovative and creative lunch boxes. From vintage lunch boxes to BPA-free options, we've got plenty of choices for every little school kid out there. Click here for our full list of kid (and mom)-approved awesome lunch boxes.


While some of our school days were debating the cool factor of wearing one backpack strap or two, our kids are all about what backpack is the most fun and functional. There are a bevy of options out there so we've narrowed down our favorites. All of our picks fulfill three criteria that are a must-have in our books: stylish, functional, and durable. Click here for a list of backpacks that we've separated out by appropriate age group.


Lace Free Shoes
Whether your kids are still learning to tie their shoes or are required (like many Seattle kindergarteners) to only wear lace-free kicks, here are some great footwear ideas for your kiddo. Lace free shoes don't have to be strictly boring velcro. In fact, all of our options are stylish and fun. Click here to check them out.


Beyond the Boring Lunchbox: Fantastic Lunch Ideas
Do your kids turn their noses up at PB&J, carrot sticks, and their juice box? We don't blame them if that's what they're eating on the daily. We've talked to tons of moms and dads with picky eaters and drew from our own experiences trying to diversify our lunchbox options and came up with a ton of amazing ideas for kids' lunches. Got some ideas to share? Let us know by leaving a comment!


Eco-Friendly School Essentials
With the frantic nature of back to school shopping, it's easy to just snatch up whatever is cheap and in-sight just so it's done with, right? While some of the gear in the stores may look nice, they aren't always safe for your kids. Here's our list of back to school essentials that are eco-friendly and won't break the bank. Huzzah!


Cute and Personalized Gear
Ah, lost and found -- that black hole of all of your kids clothes and gear. Why not try something a little different this year (ah-hem, we mean ditch the sharpie) and order some totally cute personalized staples for your kiddos. From personalized water bottles to lunch boxes and folders, we've got a great list of resources so your kids will never lose a thing again. Well, here's hoping...


Must-Have Reusable Snack Bags
Ditch the plastic bags and go for these cute and convenient reusable snack bags. Most of them can be thrown in the dishwasher or washing machine for hassle-free cleaning. Convenience, style and sustainability? Ok, we're sold!


Do You Have a Back-to-School Tradition?
While most of us back to school means a shopping spree for new backpacks, lunch boxes and shoes, some of us take another route. Laura Rodde of our Seattle sales team holds a special tradition every year with her daughter and their family friends. Read on to find out what Laura's back to school tradition is and then share with us yours. We never knew you had so many great ideas to celebrate the beginning of the school year!


12 Hip Hair Styles
Snip, buzz or cut? You want your kiddos looking their best on their first day of school so why not take them to the salon for a new 'do. Here are some ideas for stylish new hair cuts for your kids.


By now you've read this post and hopefully gotten some great ideas about what you want to buy this back to school season. Before you go rushing off to the store, why not score some sweet gear for free?! Enter here to win 20 awesome prizes. No, this not too good to be true. In fact, Red Tricycle is just doing what we love to do best -- make your life easier while showing you and your family how to have more fun. So go ahead, what are you waiting for?