An Unusual Cover

The Time issue where they have a three year old boy breastfeeding is not the way to portray a natural part of a child bearing woman's life.I don't understand what the point of this is at all. Are they doing this just to get attention? Most women don't breastfeed that long anyway! Well, at least no one I know of! They should have used an age appropriate baby to do this shoot. Then I don't think people would be making such a fuss about this. After all, the breast usually is a baby's life line for about the first couple of months of life.More power to women who breastfeed their babies! Especially when they have to work and use a breast pump during the day because they become painfully engorged. I feel bad when this happens when they're outdoors and there's no place to hide. Sometimes it becomes necessary to do what needs to be done so the baby gets fed-even when there are others around. What about when that boy gets older? He's going to be scarred for life-not all people agree with this cover for the magazine.He could start having problems by the first day he starts school! It may sound stupid, but there are actual cases of children being harassed at this age due to circumstances outside of school.Kids aren't going to understand concepts like adults do. What if children start imitating the photo? What they need to do is take that magazine off the shelves because it's going to do more harm than good anyway! I say let's stick to topics that aren't so outrageous. It's not like they have to do whatever it takes to get people to read the magazine in the first place. I can just the imagine the amount of people who are seriously offended by this cover. Don't chase us all away because you want to find new ways to get more readers who think out of the box!(like ideas such as this one)