User post: Applying Creative Strategies to Mommy Blogging: Part II

If someone asked you how you define art what would you say? Would you reference the masters and their creations hanging in museums and studied in textbooks? Would you rattle off a list of supplies like crayons, glue, and glitter that our children often use when building their own creations? Or would you define art as something more?

Part of learning to embrace our own creativity is learning not only to recognize art, but also how to find it within what we do. Art is not limited. In fact, it is exactly the opposite. Art is everywhere and can encompass just about anything. Words. Photographs. The organization of a closet. The setting of a table. The presentation of a holiday meal.

Mommy blogging is an art.

We are artists.

We take words; we twist and shape them into stories. We hide behind our cameras waiting to capture the moments, the tales, and the stuff of legends. We recognize the power of sharing, empathize through the journey, and come out on the other side with our own genre of art.

And it is a fine art. Recognize that.

Appreciate it. Embrace it.

I invite you to link up below and share your own ideas on the art of mommy blogging. How do you see your art?

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The ideas presented were adapted from several strategies included in Creativity in the Classrrom: Schools of Curious Delight by Alane Jordan Starko