User post: Dear Kate Gosselin...PLEASE GO HOME!

I just can't take it anymore. After watching DWTS last night, I am disgusted by Kate's decision to dance on a reality show while her young children sit at home, basically abandoned and not being attended to by EITHER parent. I'll admit, I'm one of those people who have always been fascinated by multiples, and therefore was hooked on Kate and Jon when they first appeared on TV. But what I see unfolding in the Gosselin household now is nothing short of a travesty. This time last year those children were being raised in a two parent home, by a mom and dad who loved them. Regardless of how unhealthy the marital atmosphere was, at least the children were experiencing love from their parents on a daily basis, in their own home. Now, fast forward a year later and what do we find? Eight little orphans whose only contact with dad seems to be when he's showing up on TMZ, and only contact with mom is when they are allowed to come for a "visit" (as she put it last night), with their ballroom dancing, self indulged mother.

I'm sorry but this scene truly breaks my heart. I've heard the arguments made stating that Kate is dancing to support her family since Jon's a dead beat dad, and I've also heard people trying to defend her by asking why no one is beating up on him...yeah, yeah, yeah. The fact is that MANY women find ways to single-handedly support their children while staying within the same time zone, and just because the kids have one dead beat parent doesn't mean they have to have two. The truth of the matter is that life is created in our bodies, MOMs, and we are the most important individual in our children's lives for the first 6 months, thus creating what I've always felt was an impermeable bond. Therefore, I find it incomprehensible that a mother would, in my opinion, abandon her young children who are already dealing with the stress and transition of a broken home, in order to go and do the Fox Trot with some random dude on TV. Geez, even Octomom didn't abandon her kids. I just don't get it.
I wonder if her schedule will allow for a brief interruption on Mother's Day from her "8 little visitors"...unless of course she decides to be a contestant on Big Brother.

In my book, the word "Mother" is a verb, not a noun. So please Kate, I think it's time to go home, okay? Please... just GO HOME.

Danine Manette