User post: Do you text your child during school?

"Don't forget I can't pick you up after school." ...."Taking Grandpa to the hospital." or "Call me ASAP I have to tell you something." Are you guilty of texting your child during school hours? Does the teacher have the right to take your child's phone away if YOU are the one texting?

It is difficult enough for teachers to "edutain" (entertaining while trying to educate) children in the classroom as it is. Teachers compete against, phones, computers, music, bubble shooter, and now even the parents who are vying for their child's attention during school hours.

My thoughts are this- if you want your child to remember something then MAKE your child put it in his calendar on his phone to ring during lunch as a reminder or right after school. If you are texting your child because of illness or an emergency in the family then PICK YOUR CHILD UP! How can you leave such an upsetting message and then expect your child to pay attention for the rest of the day wondering if a family member is okay?

Students have also started going to the bathroom to text their parent to come pick them up because they are bored in class or have a test they don't want to take.

Should parents be texting kids during school hours? Should teachers be allowed to take phones away during instruction and sent to the office? And what about teachers? Should THEY be allowed to be checking their phones during class?