User post: My 9-year old daughter's best friend is obsessive about being fat, and it's starting to rub off! What should I do?

I have a 9 year old daughter who thinks she is fat. She is starting to obsess on it. It first started with little things, like looking at herself sideways in a mirror and rubbing her tummy. Then it went to verbal statements..."Look at my tummy mommy" and "I'm fat. My husband and I were (and still are) worried so, we showed her a weight chart on the internet that said she was "the ideal weight" for her age and height.

She still felt (and still does) that she is "fat". We suggested to her to walk on the treadmill if she was feeling like she needed to exercise. She did......for an HOUR! Now, my husband is diabetic so the whole family watches sugar intake and portion control. We emphasize being healthy. I exercise 4 days a week.I always tell my girls that God gave you 1 body and you need to take care of it.

My daughter's best friend was over the other day and my daughter offered her a snack. Her response.... "no thank you, I am trying to maintain 53 pounds" My jaw hit the floor! Since then, we have taken her several places and observed her counting 9 years old. She only will drink half of a small soda at restaurant...because it is 55 calories! OMG! She even told me her mom was fat....her mom weighs 112 pounds!

The dilemma is this: Do I not let my daughter play with her best friend or not?

She does have some wonderful qualities. She is an excellent student who keeps my daughter on her toes as they each jockey for the best grade. They play together very well and except for the whole "I'm Fat" thing, her family and my family values are pretty much in-sync.

So what advise would you give? HELP