User post: Should celebrity children be photographed?

I can remember the days when celebrities would shield their children from the eyes of the media. In today's time, with social networking and news outlets available with the flick of the finger, shutterbugs have taken to the street in droves ready to catch their next meal ticket with a camera. More times than not, celebrities have their picture taken while grabbing a cup of coffee, pumping gas or taking their young children to school.

Being well known can often times bring about unwanted exposure of personal ideas and allegiances and welcome in all walks of life into a person with a high status of being "known" in the public eye. Many celebrities have seen and felt people who meet them often times know them better than they know their neighbor. Playing characters on screen and witnessing daily photographs available in gossip magazines and online in blogs and news outlets, celebrities are available 24/7 for your viewing pleasure.

As a parent of young children, I would be nervous about the well-being of my child constantly being followed by the media wanting to take their picture. It makes me wonder how all of the media's attention focused on obsessions of our need to feel in the know by witnessing Brad and Angelina's next adoption or Jessica Alba's day at the park with little Honor affects the home life of these children.

Has there been one day when Suri Cruise hasn't been photographed? Will Harlow Madden be able to ride her bike down the street one day without a camera snapping pictures along the way? Can Tori and Dean get smoothies for their kids without it being a media circus?

This makes me pose the question: Should Celebrity Children Be Photographed?