User post: What on earth makes anyone think its okay to say this to a new mom?

I have been a mom for exactly 11 weeks today, and despite the lack of sleep, the leaky diapers, and the I-sleep-through-anything husband, it has been amazing. I feel like I am really getting to know Tyler - the way he'd rather be held upright in the morning, the way he likes to sleep next to me on the couch, how fascinated he is by his daddy's smile, and the fact that he absolutely, positively hates grocery shopping.

Unfortunately, I have yet to find a way to avoid the grocery store entirely (trust me, I've been trying for years). So once a week or so, I subject the poor little guy to the florescent lights, the ooh-ing and ahh-ing strangers, the too cold freezer aisle, and the too long checkout line. I try to go early in the day when there are fewer things and people to overwhelm him, but by the time I'm fumbling for my wallet, he is inevitably letting anyone within earshot know that he'd rather be somewhere else.

Just about everyone is incredibly understanding. Usually, the person working the register smiles and asks me all the typical questions while a 184 year old lady (remember, I'm grocery shopping at 9am on Tuesdays lol) makes googly eyes at him, reminds him that Mommy is going to feed him as soon as we get home, then showers me with compliments about his beautiful eyes.

Today was more of that. And while I hate to hear my little man cry, I do feel a sense of accomplishment at managing the newly challenging task of grocery shopping and certainly don't mind all the people who stop to tell me how beautiful my baby is during his occasional moments of smiles and coos. So today as I was jugging the two gallons of milk, the 3 other bags of groceries, and the stroller with the screaming baby, I couldn't help but feel pretty good. All of the checkout ladies gave me a knowing smile, and Tyler even got a wave from a 3 year old we'd met somewhere around aisle 5.

And then between cries, I heard it. Just as I was about to pass through the automatic doors into the fresh air that always calms Tyler down, a big, awful, mean woman looked at me without a hint of kindness in her voice and said, "That's one unhappy baby."

Ouch! Maybe there are still some pregnancy hormones coursing through my blood. Or maybe it is just the lack of sleep. But that was about the most hurtful thing anyone could have said to me at that particular moment! Hearing my baby cry is heartbreaking enough without a stranger telling me how unhappy he is. Tell me he's hungry (I can feed him!), he's cold (I brought an extra blanket!), he needs a diaper change (I've mastered the art!), but telling me he's unhappy couldn't make me feel more helpless and overwhelmed!

I decided to set an example for Tyler and suck it up, smile at the lady and proceed out the doors. And of course, when I looked down at him as we passed out into the sun, he stopped crying, gave me a big toothless grin, melted my heart, and immediately fell asleep.

Tyler recovered pretty quickly from the seemingly traumatic grocery shopping trip, but I'm still stewing over her comment. What do you think? Is this a severe over-reaction on my part, or a woman who is just too far away from motherhood to understand just how much of a punch her words packed?

UPDATE: Thanks everyone! I have definitely gotten over this lol. In fact, once it was out of my head and on "paper" I found myself feeling much better. So thank you for your words of support! And thank you for taking an interest in my rant too :)