User post: Why Not Curse at Your Children?

While my children and I walked to our car after a long day at our favorite waterpark, I noticed a couple with their children walking back to theirs. I smiled as we scooted past them. As we walked on, I overheard the mother tell one of the boys, "I'm gonna kick your a*% when we get back to the car." Now I am unsure of what the boy did to cause his mother to respond in such away, but she didn't seem that angry. In fact a moment later, a small girl came up and asked, "Momma, what did you say you were gonna do when we get back to the car?" She was laughing. The mother didn't seem as if she was about to blow her lid and start hounding on the boy.

As I thought about how dreadful that sounded to my ears, coming from mother to son, I wondered in certain circumstances if this a from of verbal play? Could this sentence have been misconstrued by me? Could this woman use profanity as a form of loving affection to her children?

I'm not a mother that uses profanity that often. I will curse sometimes if I have physically hurt myself but other than that, I try and watch my language, especially around children. I'm not a mother that shouts curse words at her children in the manner of being ugly and never in a playful way.

Is profanity always used in a non-loving way or can it be a term of endearment?

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