User post: Would You Stay After an Affair for the Kids?

As seen in the upcoming episode to air this Thursday on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Elizabeth Edwards sheds light into what it's like to be the betrayed. Promoting her book Resilience, Elizabeth Edwards talks about overcoming the woes of a partner who has stepped out in a marriage and tasted the forbidden fruit that lies on the other side.
She tells Oprah that in terms of loving John "it's complicated." Though the two remain living together in their 28,000 sq. ft. home in Chapel Hill, North Carolina it remains unclear if the two will remain that way. Elizabeth says she is taking it "month by month."
Hunter was the videographer who was hired by Edwards campaign to produce a series of webisodes for the campaign. After meeting up with John one night in a hotel bar and telling him "You are so hot." the two embarked on with an affair. A child was born around the time this affair was taking place. It is still unclear in the media if John did father the baby who was born to Reille Hunter as the father's name on the birth certificate was left blank.
How easy is it to leave after an affair, especially when children are involved?
Does being in the public eye make it harder? Easier?
Do you feel Elizabeth Edwards still loves her husband or is she staying for the kids?