Video Camera Worthy Moments For Parents

Video cameras used to be a coveted commodity amongst the elite. Practically priced and small enough to fit in a pocket, almost everyone can have one now. While capturing still moments is important, there are some times in our lives where a moving picture is worth millions of words. See which ones we think are Flip worthy.

  • Baby's Bubble Bath -When it comes to bath time, safety comes first. If mama has an extra set of hands to help, she should get an action shot of the tot splashing around in the bubbles.
  • First Spin on the Bike - When the training wheels come off, mom or pop better be there to spot the genuine surprise and elation children will experience when they realize they're riding free all on their own.
  • Welcoming Baby to the World - A once in a lifetime experience, it is breathtaking to watch a newborn enter the world and meet his family for the first time.
  • First Birthday - She may not have a clue what is going on around her but she's almost guaranteed to like one thing at the party - the cake! Watch her dive into the sweet treat again and again!
  • She's Up and Running - Most wee ones sit around on their haunches for months before they get the urge to motor about. Record those chubby legs and discovering eyes as they inch their way down the hall.
  • Family Holidays - It may be old hat to you, but baby's first holiday is one for the family video album. Make it a tradition to record every family member on monumental dates, and those videos will become chapter markers in the family history books.
  • First Days of School - Many families take snapshots of the youngsters before they head into the school house. Add to that by capturing video of the kiddos and asking them what they are most excited about in the upcoming school year.
  • Live Performances - Most children will have vivid memories of their talent shows or school pageants, but there's nothing quite as entertaining as a video library full of them. When they're all grown up with babies of their own, they'll thank mom and dad for showing up with the flashing red light.
  • Baby Babble - Many moms will fess up to being the translator for their lil loves. Though it may not make sense to anyone else, make sure to record a few minutes of the senseless babble coming from the babe's tiny mouth.
  • She's Walking on Sunshine - It's hard to tell who gets more excited about those first few baby steps. Capture that life-changing moment before it slips by too fast!
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