Wait, You Weren't Supposed to See That...

I was feeling a little nostalgic this weekend, so I decided to look at pictures from when I was pregnant and when my daughter was first born. My daughter is already fascinated with babies, as we were looking at the pics, I was also explaining how she was in my belly when she was a baby. We were having a nice walk down memory lane, when...

I accidentally opened a picture of me in labor. Like legs spread open, head coming out. Yikes! It's not like giving birth in front of an audience like this lady, but still!

Before I could close the picture, my little girl saw it and was immediately in amazement. She was pointing, asking a million questions and begging to see more pictures... of her coming out of my "belly."

Because she'd already seen the one, I decided I would attempt to explain the process to her. Picture by picture, I showed her me in the hospital, me pushing her out and her as a minutes-old baby. It was emotional for me to relive that day, but it was also quite an experience for my daughter. I thought she'd be grossed out, but instead she kept asking to see them again and again.

The problem is, since that day, my little girl has been telling everyone she encounters about what she saw. "Did you know I came out of my mommy's butt and I had blood?" she said to her babysitter. Eek! She even offered to show my current beau the pics.

So now I'm wondering, should I have not showed her the labor and delivery photos? She doesn't seem to be traumatized by what she saw, but should a 3-year-old really be going around explaining the intricacies of birth?

What do you think? Do you explain grown-up concepts like sex and birth to your young children? Share your opinion in the comments.

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