Want to Have a Smart Baby? Start Trying Today!

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Every mama wants to give her baby the chance at life, and one way of doing so is to conceive in the month of December! According to a recent study by the British Institute of Fiscal Studies, babies born in September (thus conceived in December) are smarter than those born in August (or any other month). They're happier in school, do better on exams, ultimately perform better in life. Want to give your baby those advantages? Here are a few things a hopeful mama-to-be can do to increase her chances of adding a baby to the family soon.

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  • Appreciate That It May Take Time: The adage holds true for conception: It takes time. Conception does not always happen on your first try, or your second . . . or your third. Doctors recommend to give it at least six months before seeking medical intervention.
  • Try Alternative Medicine: Some women turn to alternative medicine to aid in the getting pregnant. Treatments such as acupuncture has been found to increase chances of conception by improving ovarian and follicular function and increase blood flow to the endometrium, helping to facilitate a thick, rich lining.
  • Try Conventional Medicine: Some women seek the advice of their doctor before starting the process of getting pregnant, while others wait until they've endured six months of trying with no success. Doctors will be able to run a few tests in order to determine the next steps you may wish to take.
  • Swallow Supplements: According to WebMD, the supplement FertilityBlend is known to help women get pregnant sooner.
  • Use an Ovulation Predictor Kit: Busy women hoping to get pregnant may not be successful in charting their cycles, and luckily there are kits that take the guesswork out of ovulation. Clearblue Easy Digital Ovulation Test ($36) helps determine the two days that a woman is most fertile.

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