We're More Alike Than We Know: 10 Ways to Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day

10 ways to celebrate world Down syndrome day10 ways to celebrate world Down syndrome dayIf you are the parent, family member or friend of a person with Down syndrome, you should be contemplating how to celebrate one of the most important days of the year: World Down Syndrome Day.

Today, March 21, is set aside to celebrate the triplication of chromosome 21 that is the genetic composition of people with this condition.

This special event has been created to generate awareness about the abilities and possibilities of people with Down syndrome. As a special fact, it is estimated that around 6 million people in the world live with this condition and we are all more alike than we know.

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Here are 10 ways to celebrate:

1. Watch (and share!) this great video from the International Down syndrome Coalition WDSD.

2. Follow and share the National Down syndrome center updates. Every day, they post information on their Facebook page featuring a worker with Down syndrome, supported by Briggs and Associates. This is a way of celebrating the United Nations second World Down Syndrome Day Conference, entitled "Right to work."

3. Help Reece's Rainbows raise money to give every child with Down syndrome the opportunity to be adopted! Donate to their Voice of Hope fund or purchase items from the Reece's Rainbow shop.

4. Visit your child's school to celebrate this special date by sharing some cupcakes while answering questions and talking about the importance of celebrating kids with Down syndrome as people who are more alike than different.

5. Buy items from the National Down Syndrome Society's 3:21 signature clothing line by Rhyme & Reason. The signature line features 3:21 on the front and the NDSS logo on the back. For each signature shirt purchased, $5 will be donated to NDSS.

6. Visit the World Down Syndrome Day world events section to find an event in your city and to add your special event to let others find it as well.

7. Share your personal story with others to enlighten them about your loved one's gifts and individual abilities.

8. Take advantage of social media by creating a video or sharing a picture with the official Word Down Syndrome Day logo. Add the official logo to your picture here.

9. Help Agnieszka Kolaczynska (10 years old) celebrate the life of her sister with Down syndrome, by watching and sharing her self-edited videos.

10. Love, accept and be proud of your loved one with Down syndrome every day of your life! That´s the real celebration!

- By Eliana Tardio
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