What Happened to Lindsay Lohan: 5 Ways It Went SO Wrong

On Tuesday Lindsay Lohan - who turns twenty-four-year old this Friday - was sentenced to ninety days of jail time and ninety days of rehab. She begged, she pleaded, and she cried as she tried to appeal to the judge for mercy. But the deal was done. There was no special Lindsay treatment, something that she had apparently become quite accustomed to. But what happened to bring Lindsay to this point in her life? What happened to Lindsay Lohan. How did she soar from being a child star to a jail bird? How did it all go so wrong?

Dina Lohan ain't no June Cleaver. She frequently goes out partying with her daughter and makes multiple excuses for her. Recently she claimed Lindsay's SCAM anklet went off not because Lindsay was drinking but because someone spilled a drink on her foot. It's never ever Lindsay's fault. One thing for Dina's, she's got Lindsay's back. But it's almost like Dina, who was a struggling actress herself, lives vicariously through her child, classic stage mother syndrome.

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Michael Lohan ain't no parental prize himself. Not only does he constantly talk smack about Lindsay whenever given the opportunity, he's sunken so low as to record and release very private phone call recordings between the two. He is on heavy rotation on the tabloid and website circuit selling and telling tales about his very famous and infamous offspring.

Child Stardom:

There seems to be a curse that coincides with becoming a child star. Yes, some are lucky enough to escape a horrible and scandalous fate. But there are more victims of young fame than there should be. Lindsay got her big break at age 11 with Disney's The Parent Trap, but she had been modeling since the age of three (with the Ford agency no less). She went on to star in other Disney flicks like Freaky Friday and Herbie Fully Loaded. Lindsay never had what one would call a normal childhood, and it appears she didn't have the strong family life to support her during her journey to stardom.

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Drugs and Alcohol:
Lindsay prefers to play the sweet and innocent victim, but from all accounts she may have some serious drug and/or alcohol issues. Her dad even spoke out after her sentencing saying that, "These drugs (prescription) are killing my daughter." He continued to say that "Lindsay needs to go into a rehab that takes you off prescription drugs not puts you on them." There is enough evidence, with DUIs, eye witnesses and just plain gossip that seems to support claims about her substance abuse issues.

Lindsay Lohan Herself:
You can only blame so much on the parents. Yes, parents are extremely influential in developing the character, morals and standards of a child. But many kids, who have survived a crappy childhood, can overcome these emotional obstacles and become decent citizens. But it looks like Lindsay missed that memo.

What or who do you think is the most to blame?


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