What is TYPO-SQUATTING and Why Is It Dangerous?

by GALTime.com Contributor Hilary DeCesare


Have you ever entered the wrong Web address and landed in another website? Well countless web predators are counting on just that. It's called typo-squatting, it's a form of cybersquatting that relies on Internet users making mistakes while inputting a website address into a web browser. It's also known as URL hijacking, because you are unknowingly led to an alternate site owned by a cybersquatter. Many times these sites are filled with inappropriate and damaging material for kids. For some frightening examples that will open your eyes, click here. My own company, girlambition.com, was targeted. Girl Ambition initiated a legal battle to prevent adult centric sites from buying girlsambition.com and girlambitions.com. Typosquatting is illegal. I'm spreading the word as I'm committing to providing a safe place for kids to play online. You can help by reporting any solicitation or inappropriate sites to: Internet Crime Complaint Center or Cybertipline.

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