What were they thinking?! 5 Most Ridiculous Baby Products Ever

At Babble, we've seen it all. And I mean all. Of course we typically prefer to feature those must-have products that changed our lives, genius new ideas and jaw-dropping designs, but there are also baby products that make us say stop and say, Get outta here.

From funny to useless to plain old creepy, here are the 5 most ridiculous baby products we've seen for infants and toddlers:

1. Zaky:

We're going to overlook the fact that infant positioners are thought to be a SIDS risk for a minute, because that's not your first thought when you see the above picture, right? Your first thought is creepy. Or possibly future therapy. Because while your baby thinks mom is (awkwardly) cradling him, it's actually a pair of fake disembodied hands. (Note: the idea behind Zaky is sweet, but it only goes so far.)

2. The Mommy Doll

The only thing creepier than fake hands holding your baby is watching her interact with this life-like doll. This robotic doll accurately responds to touch and motion sensors, seeming to know more than a doll should know, and continuously asks questions and respond to your answers. If you're even slightly creeped out by talking dolls, this doll will terrify you.

3. The Pee Pee Teepee

Ok, confession: We have tried these Pee Pee Teepees. In sleep-deprived, totally-clueless, tired-of-being-peed-on days of motherhood, we thought sure, a piece of cone-shaped fabric should solve those problems. Until that piece of fabric shot straight across the room with a stream of urine behind it.

4. Baby Helmets

Wow, how did we ever make it to adulthood without a protective shield around our brains? Oh right, it's called a skull.

5. Father-Daughter Dance Shoes

At first we thought this was just about the cutest thing we've seen - a pair of shoes for you and your toddler! Shoes joined at the feet! Dancing shoes! But would you ever spend $132 (+ shipping) on something that people have been doing for decades for free? Cute, yes. Heartwarming, yes. Ridiculous? Yes.

For 5 more of the most ridiculous baby products we've ever seen, visit Babble.


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