What's your parenting style?

Photo Credit: Getty ImagesPhoto Credit: Getty ImagesI feel like I'm asking a question straight out of one of those nuvo parenting books, but everyone has a certain flair when it comes to their parenting.

I recently read a story by Tom McMahon over at KidTips.com where he breaks down the different types of parenting styles and the results of using those respective styles:

  • Authoritarian. Think of this as "My way or the highway" parenting.
  • Authoritative. "Nurturing, loving, responsive and demanding."
  • Permissive-indulgent. The parents want to be best friends with their kids and set few boundaries or rules.
  • Neglectful parenting. Mom and/or dad are minimally involved in parenting and the kids receive little nurturing.

I think I've seen parents who practice each of these styles (sometimes all at once -- how confusing for the kids!). I've also seen parents who seem like they are permissive-indulgent because they are uuber calm and collected, even when their kids are driving the bonkers. And yet? Their style is truly authoritative with just mellow delivery.

As for which style is most effective, most articles list "authoritative" is the way to go.

What's your parenting style?