When the kids are quiet: What's the sneakiest thing you've found your little kid doing?

Photo Credit: katherinemariephotography.comPhoto Credit: katherinemariephotography.comPicture this: You notice the house is so quiet that you can hear the birds chirping outside. You sit for a moment and relish in the beauty of a peaceful moment.

And then you remember you have a 3-year-old kid. You remember he's in the kitchen. Alone. You quickly find him. He's standing on the kitchen counter dousing himself with food coloring. Why? Because he's trying to recreate a scene from the book, "How the Leopard Got Its Spots."

Yes, this is a true story. One of my many rookie parent moves.

I was reminded of that moment when I saw a post and the above photo over at Katherine Marie Photography. During her quiet moment, her little guy managed to find a bag of small marshmallows and poured them in a bowl for breakfast.

I want to hear your stories. What are some of the sneaky things you've discovered your kids doing after you've noticed the house being a little too quiet?