Whitney Houston's Parental Nightmare: Daughter is caught doing drugs!

It is quite funny when you become a parent because all the proclamations you yelled at your parents on how you would never do that to your kid creep into your life. Like when you tell your parents your kids will not have a bedtime. How quickly you eat those words. How about when you say your kid will never have to make their bed? It creeps up slowly but soon an unmade bed become one of the ugliest sights you lay your eyes on.

Somethings your parents did to you, you promise you will never do to your child. My mother would drag me into bars every now and then when I was in my teens. This wasn't a late night thing where she was partying down and I became the designated driver but it was something I hated. While her friends and her gossiped over cocktails and a band raged in my ear, I swore I would never be that mom. When she looks back on what she did, she apologizes. A friend of mine says her parents would smoke around her as a kid. She vowed she would never do that to her child and never picked up the habit. As parents we all make mistakes but some more detrimental than others.

Whitney Houston is probably smacking herself right now as pictures of her only child, Bobbi Kristina, have surfaced showing her snorting a white powder substance. While Whitney Houston has supposedly been clean and sober since she checked herself into rehab in 2009, her child was raised around a world of drugs. As many remember, Houston and her ex-husband, singer Bobby Brown, had a tumultuous relationship that included multiple run-ins with the law to include drug use and abuse.

We can only hope Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina's father will step in and save their daughter before it is too late. Good Luck!