Why are we obsessed with pictures of Shiloh? Three perspectives

Another day, another photo of Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. The four year old tomboy gets more attention from paparazzi than her parents. Forget about her other siblings.

Frothing at the mouth over celebrity babies is nothing new. Suri Cruise, Kingston Rossdale and the Beckham boys have fueled the growth spurt of baby blogs. But there's just something about Shiloh that has women who wouldn't ordinarily care about a celebrity kid, scrolling through photo after photo, sending links to friends and harping over every detail in the latest blurred image. So I asked three different types of women-- a mother of a newborn, a single woman who doesn't have kids and doesn't ordinarily follow celebrity photo news, and a writer who's job in part requires her to comb through photos of celebrities.
All three have found themselves, if guiltily, falling into Shiloh spirals.

So lets have it out. What's Shiloh got that other celebrity babies don't?

A new mom's perspective:
She's living my childhood fantasy.

"It's a wish fullfillment thing. I'm not looking at how cute Shiloh is, I'm looking at what it would feel like to be Shiloh. And now that I have a kid, I remembering how awesome it was to be one, especially when you're the center of attention. Shiloh is living the ultimate kid fantasy. She gets to travel the world with a team of siblings, her famous parents and people who want to take pictures of her. So she's constantly the center of attention which is all a kid really wants. Plus her parents seem cool: she's allowed to wear what she wants, she's always going to toy stores, eating ice cream and not going to school. She's living the dream.

A single woman's perspective:
She's not who I thought she'd be.
"With any little kid, it's fun to see them develop personalities. But with Shiloh there's this added defiance. She dresses and acts like a tomboy--which is not what the press expected of the "world's most beautiful baby." It's like she was creepily sexual-ized because her parents are both super sexy, and, without really knowing it, she's rebelling against that. Plus her outfits are really funny. "

A pop culture blogger's perspective:
She's not Suri.

"Ever since people began saying she dresses like a boy, I began wanting to see how and why. It's, like, you call a 4-year-old a lesbian and you want to see photographic proof. While I do feel bad looking at pictures of her, I feel more bad looking at pictures of Suri. Shiloh seems mostly shielded from the public eye. Her parents take great pains to hide their kids And I know because as a reporter, I once camped out outside Maddox Jolie-Pitt's school. But with Suri, it seems like she is always in photos in Katie's arms. Every little thing she does - playing with makeup, wearing little girl's heels - is parced apart."

Anyone else have an opinion?