Why I'm Thankful for Having Fall Babies

I'm grateful for having my babies during the time of year I needed them the most.I'm grateful for having my babies during the time of year I needed them the most.I didn't plan to have both of my babies in the fall. It just sort of happened, but I think it was for a reason.

Living in Wisconsin, we experience all four seasons though I'm convinced it was the hottest summer ever during both of my pregnancies. OK, so it wasn't, but the summer I was pregnant with my daughter was very hot and humid. I'm thankful that I was able to enjoy crisp, cool fall weather for the end of each pregnancy.

Even more so, I'm thankful for how having fall babies has changed me. My life. My perspective.

Before having kids I didn't really like the holiday season very much. Sure, I enjoyed family time, food and presents but on a fairly superficial level. I often felt as though every year I put on a mask and went through the motions. Holidays are supposed to make people happy, right?

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Once upon a time I did love the holiday season, before it became a reminder of loss and sad news. When I was 5 years old, both of my grandfathers passed away between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Losing them that year rocked my fragile, little world. Since then we've lost others during the holiday stretch too. Two years ago, it was Christmas time when I learned my father had cancer.

For years, I struggled with depression triggered by the season change. Some years were worse than others. Things improved when I began dating my husband though the stress of multiple family holiday gatherings was tough on me emotionally.

It was a blessing to have my daughter on Halloween--right before all the other festivities. Plus, Halloween is my favorite! Now I can focus on her experience rather than my issues. It's actually kind of fun again especially as we pass along old family traditions and create new ones.

The real game changer was having my son at the beginning of December (which is still autumn!). His birthday falls smack dab in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, giving me something new to look forward to celebrating every year. Providing me a new reason to be happy and a way to refocus on what matters most.

It's easy to get wrapped up in your own head and feelings, forgetting what the world looked like before it hurt you. So I'm grateful for having my babies during the time of year I needed them the most.

- By Darcy Zalewski

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