Without the Kids: A Shine reader wonders how parents find time for date nights without guilt

Photo Credit: Getty ImagesPhoto Credit: Getty ImagesWhen I wrote about practical date nights in last week's version of Without the Kids, Shine reader Stephanie commented that it's been over a year since she and her husband have had a date night free from parenting duties.

She asks, "How do you find time for date night without feeling terribly guilty?"

We parents can manage to make ourselves feel guilty about nearly anything we do as moms and dads. But you should never feel guilty for taking some time to kindle that couple flame with our spouse

I wouldn't recommend leaving your kid with a babysitter he's running a 103-degree fever so you can have a romantic rendezvous with your honey. But if you've got a healthy clan, parental date night should be a regular, important part of your life. You need it!

We find time by booking our babysitter for every other Saturday to guarantee a date night. One time we actually had a mix up. I thought the babysitter was coming and it turned out I had the date wrong. So we put the kids to bed as fast as we could and we ordered in. Think of it "Pretending to be Without the Kids."

Moms and dads of Shine -- how do you find time for date night without feeling guilty?