Womankind and Mankind and Trash

Why are you here? First of all no one chooses their parents. Guess this must be called an act of G-d.
Hopefully , they were married. A child born out of wed-lock is called many things. Not fatherless.

Bastard is the English slang word for a child born to only a Mother who is unmarried. It is considered wrong because children need both parents.

Bastard means an untrustworthy person.

Here in America, Humans do not know if they are males or females any longer. Get a DNA test if you are not sure. Daughters in many other Countries are taught how to be a good wife by their Mother. Mothering is a learned behavior. So is how to be a good Father. Mine used strict discipline and today I am thankful. He taught me truth and how to pray and the Ten Commands of G-d.

Women who are pregnant do not belong out working as a man on a road crew. I saw this in Texas. How stupid.
There is womankind and mankind. When they choose to have sex with the same kind, it is considered an abomination from G-d.
Please do not judge others. Just pray for them. Please focus on what is important for you to do on this Earth to heal the lands. Plastics made of corn are still plastics. Feed the wild life as you may need to eat them. The Oceans are so full of oils and plastics are made from oils that this is killing Ocean birds and fish. Pollution of the air, water and soil or land is wrong.

Stealing land is wrong. Stay off other people's property unless you call first or are invited. Teach your children what you want them to become.
Cannot feed the birds this.