Worst Baby Advice Ever

The times have certainly changed since American Baby magazine's inaugural issue 75 years ago. Check out the blunders we've made along the way. We usually get it right -- but we can't stop laughing at our biggest bloopers from the past 75 years. Yikes!

14 Most Outdated Pieces of Baby Advice

THEN (June 1946) There is no necessity for trying to entertain a baby. You will only tire him out and spoil his day.

NOW Smile and laugh with your peanut. He'll light up from your attention.

THEN (February 1957) You can rent good ultraviolet ray lamps at low cost. When the baby arrives, you two can bask in the indoor sunshine on dark days and in the winter.

Sun lamps, seriously? Outside, be sure to seek shade and use

THEN (January 1965) Depending on the state of his nervous system, your husband can give you reassurance during labor. But he should not be present for the actual delivery.

Come on in, Dad! Your partner can make the best doula.

THEN (April 1958) Eight months is a good time for Baby to take chewing lessons. Give him crusts of stale bread or a clean, fairly large bone.

Egad -- teething toys only, please!

THEN (April 1977) Only spank when you are angry.

Never hit. Try using time-outs to encourage good behavior from your toddler.

THEN (February 1971) During labor, give the mother a mild sedative or alcoholic drink, to reduce her appreciation of pain.

Save the champagne for post-delivery! Talk with your ob/gyn in advance about whether you want an epidural.

THEN (August 1982) Play peekaboo with an object like a barrette. Put it in your cigarette case and then pull it out.

No smoking, ever, for your sake and your baby's. To play peekaboo, use large toys that aren't choking hazards.

THEN (September 1975) No one needs to feed a baby between meals.

Babies tend to be fans of mini-meals, so expect to feed her throughout the day.

THEN (December 1968) Do not pick up a baby while he is vomiting. Leave him lying face down.

Never rest an infant on his stomach (back only), and if he's vomiting, pick him up immediately to soothe him.

THEN (January 1983) Women over age 35 should be cautioned against becoming pregnant.

NOW It's safe and common for women to deliver after age 35, but do talk to your doc about extra screenings you may need.

From American Baby