Would you be proud for your child to wear this t-shirt?

I would.

In our family, we support all kinds of families. I feel lucky that my son is growing up in a church where couples are made up of women + men, women + women, and men + men, and that he is in Sunday school with other kids being raised by single parents and adopted from other countries. I love that his vision of a happy home isn't limited to one narrow equation of who should be together or who should raise children. It's normal and healthy to him and I hope that never, ever changes. I really believe that openness has already expanded his world and thinking -- not to mention it's brought many wonderful people into our circle and support system.

I'd be thrilled for my boy -- the one with strict fashion rules that include that the polo can have buttons but they MUST NOT be actually buttoned, that jeans have to be soft not "crunchy", and that all track pants have a pocket requirement -- to pull on a t-shirt that screams "love proudly". It's part of a new gay pride line honoring all kinds of love, and is available at Old Navy as a part of their support for the "It Gets Better" campaign.

Ten percent of the proceeds will benefit the project, which seeks to empower kids and young adults to hang on in the midst of bullying, intolerance, and hate and to counteract the startling suicide rate among LGBTQ teens.

The tees will be available starting Memorial Day -- what a way to celebrate all that is possible in America! They're less than $15 and will have designs in the men's, women's, and kiddie sections.

Will you get one for your child to wear? Will you wear one, no matter who you're parenting with, in support of all kinds of families?

[via Cool Mom Picks]

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