Would You Rather Be Thinner or Your Kid Be Smarter?

Did any of you catch the segment on The Today Show this morning where they revealed those shocking mom secrets? As it turns out, more moms would rather have a night of uninterrupted sleep than amazing sex. That's sort of surprising. The real shocker, though? Almost 45% of moms would rather be thinner than have their children be smarter. Yikes!

Obviously, I'm on the other side of this one. Last week I was freaking out that my daughter might not be smart, so for me that question is easy. IQ points any day. But why the heck are so many moms more concerned about their own waistlines?

One theory is that the moms polled feel like their kids are already smart enough, so they'd gladly take the weight loss. Smart enough? What does that even mean? If given the chance to make your child smarter, who wouldn't do it? Does that mean these same moms would skimp on sending their child to the best school if it meant they had more money for a gym membership and a trainer?

If so, what does this say about what's important to us? Are these poll results reinforcing to our kids that it's okay to just be good or smart enough, but that looking good is really what's more important? That is pretty shocking if you ask me and reminds of the mom who did this awful thing to her kid.

What do you think? Are you surprised so many moms want to be thinner? Are you one of the moms who take the weight loss? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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