Would you spend $32,000 on a party for six-year-olds?

If you said yes, we'd like to direct you to TLC casting department for their new show "Outrageous Kid Parties". The series is like MTV's "My Super Sweet 16" minus ten years and the new car (we hope).

One mom on the new series, which premiered Monday, throws down $3000 on invitations, $2100 on cake, and an undisclosed amount on 42 floral centerpieces for her daughter's sixth birthday. She also hires a party planner, an invitation delivery guy and multiple stylists to dress her daughter in a princess gown and a Cinderella chariot. Mom says she wants her daughter to feel like she's in a fairy-tale, but that's not exactly the outcome. Her daughter throws a tantrum when her cake is not decorated in her favorite color. Who can blame the littler girl? She was being followed by a camera crew for weeks, no doubt prodded by questions about her happiness quotient. The idea of it all being for mom was probably not lost on her.

This isn't the first lavish toddler party we've seen on TV. "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" featured a $60,000 'Mad Hatter' themed birthday party with booze for networking parents. "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" featured a pre-tween party that started with a stretch limo ride and ended with facials. Beyond the price-tag, the thing these events all have in common is a mom who claims she just wants her daughter to be happy. If that's really the case, there's only one man for the job: Chuck E. Cheese.

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