Wow! Watch a French Woman Give Birth With...Joy!?

I have no idea when this was film was shot, but it's incredible.

It's a black and white film from France (I'm pretty sure) in which a woman, who looks like Marilyn Monroe, is visibly euphoric during the birth of her baby. What's remarkable to me is just how little activity there is in this film.

Mom is very calm, but more importantly the birthing assistants -- a man (possibly the father and/or a doctor) and midwives (or maybe nurses) -- are not freaking out or doing much at all.

At the very end the man helps the baby onto mom's chest. There's no suctioning, episiotomy, pulling on the head…the baby just comes out. Voila!

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Since most of us are pumped full of imagery of births as medical emergencies or otherwise terrifying, screaming nightmares I think it really helps to see that there are other possibilities.

For more about this incredible video, visit Babble.


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