New Year's Eve Treats the Kids Will Love (and Want to Help Make!)

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Happy New Year Cake Pops
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Sat, Dec 31, 2011 10:51 AM EST
My New Year's Eve celebrations took on a very different spin once I became a mom, especially when my boys' became old enough to ring in the New Year with us (read: they can stay up past 10pm for a special night). And now that the majority of our friends have children, any New Year's Eve gathering has a kid-friendly angle. Whether it's the games we play, the activities we create for the kids to play, or the food we're serving, we have our kids in mind. It's their celebration, too, after all.

Where can you have the most fun to your New Year's Eve menu? Kid-friendly desserts.

Check out these adorable and yummy sweet treats we're sure your kids will love to make AND eat.


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