What This Year's Top Baby Names Say About Our Kids' Future Love Lives

Smooch!BabyCenter just released a list of the most popular boy and girl names for 2012. What do these names show us as trends and expectations for our society? Based on Neimology® Science, which indicates personality traits based on names, our expectations for our girls has barely changed in the last two years. However, we continue to have higher and higher expectations for our boys.

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To recap the names this year for girls, we expect our girls to be highly likeable as indicated by the 70% of the names in the top ten ending with the letter "A" or "Y." Notice that six out of those seven names ended in "A," indicating that not only did we want our girls knowing how to get along with others, but we also wanted them to be unwilling to change who they are to gain approval.

We don't want our women too smart as the letters that insist on continual growth and new knowledge are not present except in our number one name, Sophia. Fifty percent of the girls' names indicate that they know how to nurture others, so that trait is still highly important. We are also more tolerant of self-interests this year as the two new names to the top 10 list carry that trait where none of the names on the previous top 10 lists do.

The girls shall have great love lives as our men enjoy women who are amiable, lovable and who maintain their sense of self. None of these women are controlling.

For our men, we continue to want them to be brainiacs as indicated by all of the names that start with the letter "J." We want our men to work and work hard at what they do as indicated by each of these names having the letter "A" in them. None of the "As" are in the last letter position as is the case in the girls' names. "A" indicates a person who works hard except when in the last letter position where it indicates likeability.

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Fifty percent of our boys names indicate that they have a better than average memory and one which can be almost photographic in nature in areas where there is an interest. All of our boys' names indicate that they can take charge of a situation and be an affective leader. Surprisingly, only one name on the top ten list of either boy or girl names indicate that a sense of humor is important.

In summary, we want our boys to be supermen: intelligent, able to handle all situations with ease, willing to work hard and accomplish Herculean tasks. In order to be and do those things, our men will sacrifice their relationships and not have as much time as their women would like them to have to share with them. Our men will juggle their loved ones with their numerous other responsibilities and sacrifice sleep and their health in the process. As women we will need to learn to do more without our men in order to minimize our demands upon them.

Our top ten boy and girl names indicate that our society wants to go back to traditional roles and values. We want our girls more domesticated and willing to let the boys lead. We want our boys to be able to lead, fix anything and self-sacrifice for the good of the ones he loves. We don't want our girls too smart nor our boys too controlling. This indicates that our society is doing its best to move back to more secure times where our children have more traditional values.

Written by Sharon Lynn Wyeth for YourTango.com.

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